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How we create wealth

Have you always been curious about investing in real estate but simply didn’t know where to start or have the time to invest in education?
Do you appreciate the value of investing in real estate but don't feel comfortable doing it by yourself?

Do you have a considerable amount of dormant equity in your house?

Underperforming Investments in stocks or mutual funds?

Do you have a sizable RSP that can be moved into a self-directed account?

Meet The Founder

Alex Mustatea

changing the game by helping Investors create generational wealth in the real estate

Alex was born and raised in Romania, immigrating to Canada in 1997 and currently living in Hamilton, ON. He is a husband and proud father of two who is committed to continuous personal growth. Alex has a Mechanical Engineering background but prior to delving full time into active real estate. He spent 15 years in various roles in technical sales and project management.

After completing a few projects on his own and proving the concept, in 2019 he decided to seek formal mentorship in order to take on a more active role in real estate. He then made the decision to become a full-time real estate investor and founded HammerCity REI in early 2020.

Since then, Alex and his team have developed a multi-million dollar portfolio and are currently managing multiple active projects throughout the GTA and SW Ontario. Alex maintains a strong passion for connecting with other like-minded individuals and helping to mentor others who are interested in real estate investing.


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